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How do you shine?

Shine True Creative offers a variety of services to help you channel your musical creativity, deepen your skills and knowledge, and make the music you want to make.

Playing Piano
playing a guitar


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Basics for Teens

Digital Music

All services are currently offered by video chat or phone session, only. 

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Listening to Music on Phone
The process of bringing your own creations to life can be a twisty road with many bumps along the way. Even the most experienced songwriters can come upon hurdles that stifle their creativity and limit their productivity. We help aspiring and established artists navigate those dips and turns to stay on track and create the music that is waiting to come out.
Need someone to hold you accountable for working toward your goals?
I got you.
Struggling with self-doubt, perfectionism, or writer's block?
Come work that stuff out.
Overwhelmed by too many ideas or too much work? 
Let's tame the tangle.
Have an idea or inspiration but not sure where to start? 
Come find your flow.
Having trouble balancing the creative, technical, and business sides of your art?
We can figure it out together.
Unsure what your authentic voice or sound is?
Let's find it.
Afraid to put yourself out there and share your creations?
You can do it! I can help.
Shine True Creative coaching is individualized and tailored to each client's needs, goals, and situation. We can work together for a specific time period (ie. making a new record), on a specific goal (ie. overcome performance fears), or on an ongoing basis. Sessions are generally 45 minutes weekly but frequency and duration can be adjusted to fit each client.
My background as a counselor and coach combine with my experience as a music creator to give me a specialized perspective (learn more about my background and certifications here).
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Playing Piano


Are you interested in learning how to create your own music? Curious about how songs come together? Don't know where to start? We offer individual songwriting and composition lessons to artists age 12 and up. Lessons are customized for each student's interests and musical background but a wide range of musical topics can be addressed, including:
  • music theory basics
  • common parts of songs and how they fit together
  • writing lyrics that are meaningful AND musical
  • creating a musical mood 
  • melody and harmony
  • which chords go with your melody (and vice-versa)
  • creating music for advertising and entertainment
  • rhythm and beats
  • chord families and progressions
  • different ways to get started on a song
  • where to find inspiration
  • using digital tools to create music 
  • songwriting vs. composing
  • producing, recording, mixing, and mastering
Lessons are generally once per week for 45 minutes. Ability to play an instrument and music theory knowledge are NOT necessary.
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playing a guitar


Workshops can be a great way for songwriters to grow. As participants explore the world of music together, they not only deepen their understanding and skill but also create a community where they can support and inspire each other.
Shine True Music workshops are one-off classes or short series designed to pinpoint specific topics, such as 
  • Songwriting 101: The Basics to Get Started
  • The Topline: Lyrics and Melody
  • Music and Emotion: Creating a Musical Mood
  • Chords: The Backbone of Your Song
  • Creating Music for Self-Care and Healing
  • Where do I begin? Starting Points and Inspiration
  • Music Tech: Using Digital Tools to Create Music 
  • Making Music for Media
Workshops are sometimes offered for the general community. Click here for our upcoming workshops and sign up for our mailing list to get word when new ones are offered.
Private workshops can also be held for groups, classes, and teams. These are tailored for each group's specific interest areas.
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