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Shine your truth.

Shine True Design guides individuals and businesses to figure out who they truly are and what they truly stand for, then translate that into an authentic image that naturally attracts their best clients, customers, fans, and followers.

When you 

are your product,

an authentic business

 image is essential.

Branding that conveys who you truly are naturally draws in the clients who will work best with you and prevents you from spending your precious resources on potential clients who do not match with what you offer. I help musicians, therapists, artists, freelancers, private practitioners, and entrepreneurs to develop a clear vision of who they are in relation to their businesses and create a concrete plan to shine it out into the world. 

Branding services include...

  • authentic brand coaching
  • brand planning and design
  • graphic design
  • website design and creation
  • social media page design and creation
  • copy writing and editing

Not so sure about this "shine true" thing?

Authenticity often calls for vulnerability, which can feel pretty risky at times. It's natural to worry about how we will be judged or to think that we need to convey a certain image in order to be financially viable or professionally credible.
Authenticity can also be confusing - many of us are so conditioned to project the image of who we think we should be that we've lost touch with who we really are.

But, as uncomfortable as it may feel at times, authenticity can actually protect you.
Most of us (myself included) have worked with a client who was not a good match or had a job that didn't fit with our talents or values. If you've been there, too, you probably know this is not only short-changing our clients but it's also a real soul-sucker for ourselves. Our work is less effective, our connections are more fragile, and we can easily slip into feeling like an imposter and making decisions based on the fear of being found out.

When we show our truth, we free ourselves from this fear and create the space for our confidence to thrive. We can do what we do best and be ourselves, without false expectations and backstepping. An authentic brand acts not only as a beacon for those who are looking for what you have to offer, but also as a filter for those who are not, thereby saving precious time, energy, and heart space.
But that doesn't mean it's always easy. My background as a counselor and coach gives me the unique ability to help my clients build comfort and courage around authenticity. I'm here to guide (and sometimes challenge) you but will never insist you go beyond the edges of your comfort zone. Rest assured: The final call is always up to you.

Shall we?

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