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Shine True Creative is home to Mary Diri - songwriter, singer, composer of music for advertising and media, and digital music creator. Mary's music is showcased here for your listening pleasure or your next project.

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New release! See Where it Goes is now live on Spotify, Apple Music, Prime Music, and many other streaming sites.

See Where it Goes by Mary Diri

With a sultry, chill, and slightly dreamy vibe, See Where it Goes is about the thrills, hopes, and fears that come along with rediscovering love after heartbreak.


This emotional, folk-pop ballad is about the moment in time between realizing a love has ended and being ready to let it go. Pieces is a song of loss and heartbreak but also of healing and hope for new beginnings.


Something thatMatters

This driving rocker calls out the negativity and empty rhetoric often used by people in power to distract us from the issues that really matter. It was inspired by the everyday warriors who rise above and do the work that needs to be done to make our world a better place.
Mary Diri Music for Knowtable Game


Compositions by Mary Diri were recently used in the promotional and instructional videos for Knowtable, a super-fun game that helps you get to know the people you know. See the videos and learn more about Knowtable Game here.



Time Fades AwayMary Diridon
00:00 / 01:00
Dancing on MarsMary Diridon
00:00 / 01:00
Ghost ChaseMary Diridon
00:00 / 01:30
Pop BopMary Diridon
00:00 / 01:01
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& sync

Mary Diri's music is available to be recorded by other artists or for use in TV, film, games, advertising, etc.
Since the music is created in-house, there is complete control to add, remove, shift, or change parts to fit your project or you can use the stems to edit and place yourself.
Most songs and compositions come in alternate versions, to give you the flexibility to use it in various ways throughout your project.
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If your project or event calls for something truly unique, we can create original music that fits just right.
From corporate videos to wedding songs, we take the time to flesh out the details and deliver precisely the message and feel you want to convey.
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